About iDRESS interiors

Eileen Mousley

Principal Stylist

How I work

I pride myself on being able to style any home of any era to its best potential and take the stress out of preparing your home for sale.  My inventory ranges from contemporary to classic and everything in between. I am constantly sourcing new items and keeping ahead of the trend to ensure your home feels refined and relevant on the market.

Take a look at my simple step-by-step processes to styling your home…


Our stylist will visit your home and assess where and how we can make improvements to best showcase your property. We work closely with your agent and photographer to ensure your home will have great online appeal.


Quotation & Proposal​

Once our stylist has viewed your home, they will prepare a comprehensive quote using styling pieces from our extensive inventory in addition to any recommendations for trade work or re-arrangment for partially styled homes.

Installation & Styling

Carefully chosen pieces, complementing your home’s style and  highlighting it’s features are selected and delivered to your home.  

Our stylists will install furniture, decor, artwork, lamps, rugs and bed linen to create a home that people will fall in love with.


Sale, Settlement & Removal!​

Once your home has sold (and it will!) We can work directly with the agent or yourself to remove all inventory from the property, ready for it’s new owners.

If you, or your buyer falls in love with items we style your home with – we can sell pieces from our inventory for you to keep forever!